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Toll Free (519) 663-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
(519) 966-9224 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 3314 Walker Road, Windsor, ON
1-855-515-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
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Warehouse shelving systems are purpose-built to store hand-stacked items. When you invest in commercial warehouse shelving systems for your facility, you can optimize your available space with ease.

At King Materials Handling, we offer state-of-the-art warehouse shelving in Canada that sets the standard for quality and durability. When you come to us, we’ll assign a dedicated representative to your project so we can provide the most personalized assistance possible.

Our Industrial Warehouse Shelving Systems

Our warehouse shelving is designed to store small to medium-sized items such as boxes and bins. These solutions are available in various sizes to serve your company’s needs.

We carry a wide array of heavy-duty warehouse shelving:

  • Mini racking:Our mini racking products feature open shelving that allows companies to easily store bulky items with optimal scalability and flexibility. Choose boltless mini racking for your light-duty warehouse shelving needs and enjoy maximized storage for your smaller items.
  • Open shelving: The Spider open shelving system has a bookcase-type design with accessible open shelves and durable construction to meet your storage needs. These solutions enable quick assembly and optimal versatility for your warehouse. With various color options, these open warehouse shelving systems suit a variety of spaces and can hold different product types.
  • Closed shelving: Unlike open shelving, closed shelves have enclosed backs and sides for greater protection and stability. They minimize the risk of falling objects. Organize individual products with these inventory shelving systems.
  • Shelving with drawers: Our industrial shelving with drawers helps users free up space and organize items of all sizes on separate shelves. Use the drawers to store tools and other items your warehouse workers need to get their jobs done.
  • Galvanized shelving:Galvanized shelves are corrosion-resistant and provide extended service lives. Our shelving is fully adjustable and designed to meet the needs of light- to medium-duty storage. Consider this metal warehouse shelving option if you need two-tiered systems.
  • Parts storage: These storage solutions comprise a combination of mini racking and shelving and contain modular drawers to facilitate parts organization. They also have multilevel shifting options for vertical expansion. Organize tools and parts for maximum warehouse efficiency.
  • Mobile shelving: We offer high-density mobile shelving that requires significantly less space than static shelves, increasing space utilization by up to 200%. These solutions are mounted to a mobile base that glides across a track with a low profile.
  • Record storage shelving: Our record storage warehouse shelving enables workers to archive resources like files and folders to maximize organization. Use these in warehouse offices and similar spaces to free up precious space lost to your unorganized documents.
  • Carton flow shelving:Carton flow shelves separate picking and stocking aisles for split cases and full cartons to reduce reaching needs, improve ergonomics, increase space utilization and ultimately boost productivity. Free up floor space and organize your return lanes.
  • Wire mesh shelving: With our Metro wire mesh shelving, you can reliably configure solutions ranging from mobile to wall mount to free-standing and incorporate robust front- and back-end displays. Choose from many finishes and specialized accessories to create a custom storage solution.

Our Installation Services

With us, you’re not just choosing shelving — you’re investing in a promise of excellence that starts with your installation. Whether you’re optimizing your entire warehouse or reconfiguring a portion of your shelving, our turnkey services span these areas:

  • Storage installations: From whole warehouse reconfigurations to meticulous shelving setups, we ensure every storage solution stands precisely and purposefully.
  • Material handling installations: With over four decades in the business, our expertise spans custom carts, overhead lift systems, workstations and more, ensuring every installation is seamless.
  • Doors and dock equipment installations: As the exclusive Rite Hite dealer in our area, our structures cover everything from cold storage doors to high-speed ones. With our Dok-Lok product line, we also upgrade safety measures at loading docks, ensuring unparalleled protection and durability.
  • Damage inspections: Your warehouse organization system functions its best when it’s in proper condition, which is why we also offer inspection services.

Benefits of Custom Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems

With industrial warehouse shelving systems from King Materials Handling, you’ll experience all the advantages of our customized solutions:

  • Maximum space: Warehouse shelving systems enable you to make the most of your space by storing products on top of one another instead of outward.
  • Improved productivity: Custom industrial shelving improves inventory visibility and accessibility, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased flexibility: You can expand your custom shelving as your business grows instead of investing in a larger facility.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Warehouse storage shelving systems are low-cost, long-lasting solutions that will help you achieve the most value for your investment.

Invest in Warehouse Shelving in Canada Today

You can find warehouse shelving in Ontario at King Materials Handling. Our family-owned and -operated organization has been in business for over 45 years, providing customers with top-of-the-line material handling solutions they can depend on.

View our shelving solutions or contact us for assistance today!

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