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Toll Free (519) 663-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
(519) 966-9224 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 3314 Walker Road, Windsor, ON
1-855-515-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
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Go Fork Free

Time to Go Fork Free

Now more then ever before manufacturers are charged with going lean and reducing time, and manpower wasted from traditional delivery methods. If you’re still relying on fork trucks for material movement its time to STOP! King Materials Handling is a leading provider of fork-free cart systems to the Ontario market. We’ve teamed up with Jtec Industries to offer the undisputed top tugger cart system on the market. Patented Elemate™ technology has allowed Jtec to use Mother-Daughter Carts like never before. Elemate™ allows the daughter cart to be raised from the ground eliminating excess resistance, noise, and decreasing caster replacements. Unmatched turn radius and exceptional pre-engineered daughter cart offerings make this the go-to tugger cart system for the most demanding manufacturing environments. See for Yourself:

What Are the Features and Benefits of Mother-Daughter Cart Systems?

A forklift carries one load of products or materials at a time, while a mother-daughter tugger system can connect and move multiple loads at once. Compared to traditional forklift delivery equipment, tuggers offer exceptional maneuverability, flexibility and capabilities for efficient material handling. When you go fork free with a Jtec CarryMore Mother-Daughter Cart System, you’ll experience numerous user benefits:

Efficient Performance

Operators work more efficiently with the Jtec CarryMore Mother-Daughter Cart System due to several advantages:

  • Daughter carts rise up from the floor during towing, significantly reducing caster wear, eliminating noise and increasing safety
  • Ability to create trains consisting of eight to 10 mother carts while maintaining sufficient aisle and corner widths and maximizing tugging capacity
  • Near-perfect trailing capacity without drifting or lock-in
  • Patented Elemate™ technology enables almost effortless, gravity-assisted daughter cart unloading
  • Excellent ergonomic maneuverability — one rigid caster always faces forward while in motion
  • Tight turning radius is ideal for aisle use
  • Two-in-one, over-under daughter cart design enables you to return an empty cart separately, increasing efficiency

Purpose-Built Design

These mother-daughter cart systems were designed for material handling needs like yours:

  • Wide range of pre-designed daughter cart options to meet any application or requirement
  • Minimal maintenance requirements reduce downtime, lower ownership costs and maximize return on investment
  • Capability to load and unload from either side of the aisle via a quick cart tongue switch
  • Built-in fork pockets enable you to use the cart system with vertical pickers or fork trucks
  • Flexibility allows you to use two smaller or one larger daughter cart per run to meet your specific needs
  • Easily configurable to hold parts of multiple sizes
  • Rugged 2-inch ball-and-coupler hitch system ensures a secure cart train connection and maintains a tight follow path

Improved Safety

These systems keep your team safe with the following features:

  • Safety-lock pin system enables the cart to lock securely into place, minimizing the accident risk
  • Rear-hinge shelves slide outward for convenient, safe parts access
  • Safety lock-out drawers offer a combined weight limit of 4,000 pounds per cart

When you go fork free with Jtec CarryMore and King Materials Handling, you’ll get a wide selection of premium rigs and casters we can customize to your facility. All mother-daughter carts are also 100% field-serviceable — all components are easily replaceable and require basic hand tools for service. 

Tugger Cart

Getting Started

If you’re interested in lean production, with increased safety contact us to get started. To start, we’ll come on site to assess your needs and work with you through the quoting stage. If required, we can set up a chance for you to see a system in action or better yet have a demo shipped to you for your team to trial. We pride ourselves on service from the request, through the completion stages to make sure you’re satisfied with your investment. Fork Free cart systems are modular and flexible, allowing you to expand your system as needed. Our after sales service is exceptional.


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The CarryMore® Difference

Testimonials For the CarryMore® System

“We’ve realized 400 to 500 more drops to the line per day, that’s about a 30% increase in production, since we brought in the CarryMore® system. That’s with no additional people.”  

K.C., Daimler Corporation

“Since we started using CarryMore®, we’ve reduced our aisle traffic by 70%.”

Schneider Electric

“Remarkable product! Can’t say enough about how you guys have supported us with changing our line side applications! From standard flatbeds to fully custom line side kits! Keeps us LEAN and very efficient!”



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