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(519) 966-9224 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 3314 Walker Road, Windsor, ON
1-855-515-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
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Benefits of Industrial Mezzanines.

One of the first things manufacturing plants and warehouses consider when attempting to maximize their floor capacity is vertical space. As some facilities get more creative, mezzanines continue to emerge as one of the most popular tools for these expansions. Mezzanines are often the preferred choice because they don’t require costly upgrades to renovate an entire area.

If you’ve been searching for a way to increase your facility’s floor space, the team at King Materials Handling can help. We offer several different designs of mezzanine systems customizable to your building’s layout. We work with several of the most recognized manufacturers in the industry to supply structures with the highest-quality and most durable materials.

Benefits of Industrial Mezzanines and Raised Storage Platforms

Three of the most challenging factors facing today’s businesses are time, space and money. By implementing an effective mezzanine system into your facility, you address all three of these needs. Some primary benefits of industrial mezzanines include:

  • Increased floor space: Mezzanines offer quick and easy expansions for facilities that need extra space without moving into a new facility or adding onto an existing building. They also add walkways that lead to a better overall workflow.
  • Cost savings: Mezzanines allow you to increase your operational capacity without a significant overhaul. They enable you to add more equipment and hire more workers with minimal investment. More importantly, they’re relatively quick and easy to install.
  • Customization: Each warehouse or manufacturing plant has unique needs for different operating schematics. Our mezzanines are modular and scalable to your operation’s exact requirements. Many designs can quickly expand or reduce in size to meet your needs.
  • Improved productivity: More usable space leads to better organization and increased productivity. Mezzanines also help alleviate traffic jams on the ground floor, leading to fewer accidents and higher safety levels.

Parts Storage, Tool Crib and Other Types of Mezzanines We Offer

At King Materials Handling, we can custom-design a mezzanine system based on your specific operational requirements. All our mezzanine systems come certified by a professional engineer.

You can use our mezzanines to organize and streamline parts storage. We can also develop a mezzanine system to coordinate the functionality of your tool crib. Some of the most common styles and designs include:

  • Free-standing mezzanines: Free-standing mezzanines are self-supported and do not require attachment to walls, columns or other components. These systems offer capacity both on top of and underneath the structure.
  • Rack-supported mezzanines: Rack-supported mezzanines are the perfect way to expand without the need for free-standing columns. These systems often sit on top of an existing rack system to form the structural foundation.
  • Shelf-supported mezzanines: Like rack-supported mezzanines, shelf-supported models use existing structures for the foundational base.
  • Building-supported mezzanines: This design uses the support of one or more of your building’s walls. Before construction, it’s critical to have a qualified engineer evaluate your building’s strength.

FAQs About Mezzanines

Looking to learn more about your mezzanine options? Here is what you need to know:

1. How can I ensure the best support for my mezzanine?

Every mezzanine system comes with a P.Eng stamped drawing certifying the design of the structure. This ensures that whether the mezzanine is structural steel supported, pallet rack supported, or shelving supported the mezzanine will have the backing of a professional structural engineer.

2. How crucial is PSF for my mezzanine?

Pounds per square foot (PSF) is essential for understanding load-bearing capacities. Typically, mezzanines support 125 PSF. Understanding PSF ensures the mezzanine’s safety and functionality.

3. What’s the necessary clear height for my mezzanine?

A minimum of 7 feet under the mezzanine is standard. This space considers lighting, sprinklers and other potential obstructions.

4. How do you select the best decking option?

Factor in what you’ll use your mezzanine for. You might consider flooring options that are:

  • Slip-resistant for safety
  • Easy to roll carts or pallet jacks across
  • Durable and strong to handle frequent use
  • Open, like grates, to let light and air through

5. Do you need a permit for mezzanine installation?

While King Materials Handling provides unparalleled mezzanine solutions, we also prioritize compliance. Installing a mezzanine may require permits, depending on your location and the size of the structure. Our team can work with you based on your unique situation.

Partner With King Materials Handling for Mezzanine Solutions

In the mezzanine realm, King Materials Handling is your trusted ally. If you’re considering expanding your facility’s size capacity, a mezzanine system is one of the most practical and cost-effective solutions. Let the experts at King Materials Handling help you develop a mezzanine strategy to improve your operation’s efficiency. To elevate your warehouse’s efficiency and scalability, contact our specialists at 519-663-1036.