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1-855-515-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
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Warehouse Modular Buildings

Warehouse modular buildings provide enclosed work areas for employees inside manufacturing plants, distribution centers and other commercial or industrial facilities. These structures allow you to expand your floor plan easier and faster than conventional construction. You can also move and reconfigure these modular buildings as your floor plans change.

Our customized in-plant buildings can provide your staff with the peace and quiet they need in a bustling and noisy plant environment to hold team meetings, catch up on communications, control operations, or simply take a break and have lunch.

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Warehouse Modular Building Applications

Because of their flexibility and easy customization, modular buildings work well for many indoor applications. Several common uses of modular buildings include:

  • Plug-in-plant offices: Many plug-in-plant office buildings come prefabricated and can arrive quickly. Because they are pre-wired, most of these units are operational on the same day they come to your facility. These high-quality and durable modular structures help separate you from the production floor. They make building offices in a warehouse easier.
  • Relocatable offices: Modular offices are ideal for a quick and temporary solution for operations that may want to change their building schematics down the road. In addition, you can repurpose these structures from an office area to any other type of space your business needs, including storage.
  • Equipment shelters: Modular equipment shelters provide all the security and capabilities of traditional site-built equipment rooms, and you can implement them into your facility faster and at reduced costs. Besides providing storage space for equipment, these structures also work well as utility shelters for electrical and other power lines.
  • Cleanrooms: Cleanrooms are areas that require filtration of dust, airborne pollutants and other contaminants to provide a sterile environment for precise operations. Modular cleanrooms can quickly relocate throughout your facility, providing you with added flexibility for your processes.
  • Security booths: You can relocate portable guard booths to the areas of your property that require the most attention. These booths are also sturdy and durable enough to provide many years of reliable service in one location.

Benefits of In-Plant and Warehouse Office Buildings

Modular construction offers many advantages over traditional building and construction processes. Each prefabricated unit is highly customizable and relatively inexpensive to install, and they provide a fast, space-saving alternative to a permanent structure. Additional benefits include:

  • Quick installation: While a traditional-built office or room can take several weeks or months to build, you can implement a prefabricated modular unit in as little as a day or two.
  • Cost savings: When you install a modular office in your building, you’re saving a significant amount of money since you’re not constructing it from the ground up. Installing a modular structure allows you to continue operations without disruptions.
  • Cleanliness and less noise: There’s no need to worry about warehouse dust or dirt ruining your computers or other office equipment in a modular enclosure. These structures also offer you a quiet space to concentrate in particularly noisy or disruptive work environments.
  • Flexibility: Most importantly, you can quickly and efficiently relocate your modular structure if you need it in another area of your building.

Find Out More About Indoor Modular Office Buildings Today

If you want to implement a more efficient workspace in your facility without the hassle of construction, King Materials Handling can help. Let our experienced and knowledgeable team assist you with developing the optimal modular solution for your operation. Contact us online today or call us at 519-663-1036 to request more information or begin the quotation process.


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