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1-855-515-1036 Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM 1464 Crumlin Side Rd, London, ON,
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If you work in a warehouse, factory, plant or another large-scale material handling facility, you know the importance of your racking systems. These systems are crucial for maximizing warehouse space and optimizing product organization, leading to more efficient operations. But how do you know your racking systems are up to code? When you book racking inspections, you can ensure that your racks are safe, functional and compliant.

At King Materials Handling, we offer thorough and professional pallet rack inspections in Ontario. Our team will do everything possible to make sure your racking systems are stable and secure.

Racking Services

King has always recognized the importance of installing and servicing the products we sell. With pallet racking inspection services, you’ll be able to rely on King for all your storage needs. They include layouts, CSA damage inspection programs, and pre-start health and safety review (PSR) engineered drawings and capacity ratings. In addition to these services, we can install everything we sell with professionally trained installation crews available throughout the province. No job is too big or small for our team. 

Looking to optimize floor space? We offer high-density systems to maximize your facility and create leaner warehousing through push back, pallet flow, drive-in and double deep racking systems. 


Have our professional team install your new or used racking for faster, safer and more reliable installs. A full warehouse or a small storage area, let us know and we’ll provide full turnkey service or all storage and racking equipment.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

Racking PSRs are detailed racking reports required in Ontario to verify whether an organization’s racking systems meet predefined safety standards. If the facility in question does not adhere to these standards, the PSR report will provide recommendations for improvement to achieve compliance.

For new or existing systems, our engineering partners come on-site for certification review and provide stamped drawings for full compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. We can bring all old or used racking up to code with our engineering services.

Inspection Programs

CSA guidelines require that business owners and safety managers have systematic racking inspections in place in their Ontario facilities and that these evaluations be performed by competent persons. CSA racking inspections are designed to maintain storage rack safety and reduce the risk of racking collapses in the warehouse. 

If you have an uncertified pallet racking system, we can make sure it’s up to code with our racking inspection services. Our CSA racking inspections are performed on a yearly basis in accordance with the yearly requirement from the CSA standard. Inspections include a site visit and comprehensive summary, checklist, images and a layout drawing with specific recommendations to address any damage the inspector may have noticed and to improve safety.


For new or revamped warehouses, consult King on layouts and system designs. Our experienced sales team can offer information on your options and provide layout drawings for additions, moves or new builds.

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When Do I Need a Racking Inspection in Ontario?

Though racking PSRs and CSA racking inspections are vital for organizations with racking systems, not everyone knows when they’re necessary. There are many instances when you should consider scheduling a racking inspection, including:

  • New rack installations: If you recently installed a new pallet rack in your facility, you’re required to undergo a racking PSR to ensure that any defects, deficiencies or missing components can be identified before use.
  • Racking system modifications: Any racking system reconfigurations like repairs, maintenance and layout changes warrant a new PSR to keep your warehouse code compliant.
  • Safety reinforcement: If you’re implementing a new safety initiative in your warehouse or simply want to be cautious, you can get periodic racking inspections to maintain safe operation.


In Ontario, it is required to have your racking certified by an engineer through a pre-start health and safety review, commonly referred to as a PSR. Additionally, you can have your racking certified through an exemption from the racking manufacturer, showing it has been designed and tested for use in accordance with applicable standards. Typically, this is referred to as a PSR exemption letter. 

If your racking is not certified or has been modified since certification, then an engineer is needed to perform a new PSR. These requirements are guided by OHSA, reg 851 section 7 and are enforced by the Ministry of Labour. Below, you will find links to everything you will need to know about these regulations. 

In addition to racking PSRs, racking is required to be inspected regularly by competent personnel. The CSA A344-17 guide calls for monthly internal inspections and yearly expert inspections. Doing this keeps racking structures free from structural defects and promotes proper health and safety procedures.

Important Racking Requirments to Remember:

  • Visible capacity plaques stating racking capacity are needed
  • Documents of PSR or exemption letter need to be kept on file
  • Relocation of racking requires a new PSR
  • Modification of beam levels requires a new PSR
  • Replacement of the same components does NOT require a new PSR
  • Owners are personally responsible for complying (Bill C-45). 

Simply put, if you have racking in Ontario, you need to Certify | Inspect | Maintain. Working with a trusted racking expert will help you make sure your facility is safe and in compliance year-round. 

References For Racking Requirments:

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Book Pallet Rack Inspections in Ontario at King Materials Handling

You can get dependable racking inspections for your Ontario warehouse when you partner with King Materials Handling. At our family-run business, we believe that quality doesn’t cost — it pays.

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